Heavy Duty Ceiling Drop Mount for TV LED – Up to 65 Inch


This product is a heavy-duty ceiling drop mount designed for LED TVs up to 65 inches. It allows for secure and adjustable mounting of the TV from the ceiling.


The Ceiling Drop Mount for TV LED Heavy Duty is a sturdy and durable mount designed to hold televisions up to 65 inches in size. It is made from high-quality materials that ensure it can withstand the weight of even the heaviest TVs. The mount is easy to install and comes with all the necessary hardware to get it up and running quickly. It is also adjustable, allowing you to position your TV at the perfect angle for optimal viewing. The mount is designed to drop down from the ceiling, making it an ideal choice for rooms with high ceilings or for use in commercial settings such as bars, restaurants, and hotels. With its heavy-duty construction and versatile design, the Ceiling Drop Mount for TV LED Heavy Duty is the perfect solution for anyone looking to mount their TV securely and stylishly.